FAQ of Our Services


Pickup/drop-off location is 1205 Milson Avenue South. Due to the new city regulations, we cannot pickup or drop-off at any other location, so we recommend Uber/Lyft to this spot, especially if you do not have a designated driver. If a designated driver has been chosen, feel free to pay for parking at the designated pickup/drop-off spot.
Unfortunately, we do not provide the option to choose between vehicles when booking an individual tour. We reserve bus choice availability for our private tour bookings, so if you would like to pick between buses, you must book a private tour. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Public / Individual tour bookings will be placed on availability.
Government Issued ID (21+), Tip Money, and your Favorite Beverages
– Approximately 1 hour 55 minutes with quick 15 minute break for the restroom stop
The bus is BYOB! No glass allowed! Drinks need to be below 8% alcohol content. No drinks are allowed to be taken off the bus at the end of the tour (due to strict TABC laws), so keep in mind when accounting for purchase quantity!
We provide cups, ice, coolers, music, and a bartender for all trips
No one under 21 years of age is allowed on any trip with alcohol present on broad. If anyone under the age of 21 is in your group no alcohol may be allowed on the bus. Meaning: We do allow under the age of 21 riders however, it must be a dry bus with no alcohol on broad.
At checkout, there will be an option to split payment, allowing others from your party to pay parts of the balance. A link will be sent in your confirmation email that can be shared with others, allowing them to contribute digitally. Note that when you split payments, a hold for the total amount will be applied to the card used to set up the reservation. The hold will be removed from your account as the balance is paid down by others in your group.
NO REFUNDS will be issued . We operate Rain or Shine. (NO REFUNDS) All times are subject to change. If we need to cancel due to inclement weather (ice/snow, tornado warnings) you will be notified with options as soon as possible or a voucher will be issued good for one year.
YES! Our teamworks for tips. They will make your experience the best. TIP them for a job well done. (Average is $10-20 per person)
No. You will be having so much you will not want to get off! This is not a bar crawl. City Ordinance does not allow any entertainment vehicles to stop any where alcohol is sold by the drink. We stop for a photo op and restroom break.
Around the streets of downtown Nashville. Including Broadway, the Gulch, Mid-Town, Titans Stadium area, Vanderbilt area. All routes are subject to change, based on street closures and events happening in our busy town.
Thats up to up! We consider ourselves music and FUN aficianados, your DJ/ Bartender will have your music covered so you can enjoy yourself if that swhat you prefer. However, our systems are bluetooth. We have no problem with someone in your group connecting to our massive sound systems playing your favorite tunes. Thats totally up to you!
Yes! Everyone 21 & up can supply their own alcoholic beverages. City ordinance rules: * NOTHING over 8% alcohol content * NO LIQUOR * NO GLASS BOTTLES
If you do not book a private tour, your tour will be shared with other groups.
Yes! Every tour provides you with your very own bartender. We will store all of your beverages, and prepare any drink your group has brought on the party bus. We will also take photos of your crew and even give you recommendations on places to visit.
(25) Have a large group? Not a problem. Call us!! We can combine our fleet
(25) Have a large group? Not a problem. Call us!! We can combine our fleet
There is not a bathroom on the party bus, BUT we do take at least (1) restroom break one hour into your tour.
Yes! We allow all types of decorations as long as they are non-offensive and appropriate. Remember, there are children that do walk through downtown Nashville. Advance notice is required for approval and staff must approve once decorated. Our staff has the right to ask you to remove any decorations for any reason. Not doing so can forfeit your tour.
Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to have any alcohol or supplies dropped off before the tour.
We require waivers to be signed before the tour begins. You can do this by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by clicking “waiver” in your confirmation email. If the waivers are not signed before the tour start time we will have to wait until they are signed before starting and this will cut into your tour time. Please either sign the waivers online or arrive 20 minutes early. We do not accept paper copies.
Reach out to us directly! We will add Gratuity for corporate/company events to the card on file. 615-212-8869
Absolutely, twice actually. We require a government issues ID. That can be a driver’s license or passport. We DO NOT accept college ID’s or any other form not government issued. Fake ID’s will be turned over to the Metro Police Department, they love to see how bad they are!
Yes, advance purchase of tickets is required. We suggest booking well in advance to secure your preferred day and time. Tickets can be purchased online.
We will always contact you and let you know if your tour is cancelled (which rarely happens) as soon as we possibly can. It will be by email, phone or text. We know you all have your days planned out so we try to give as much notice as we can but sometimes mother nature just doesn’t cooperate. Please do not call about your tour being cancelled as this only delays us notifying the customers in a timely manner. If you haven’t heard from us via email, phone or text assume your tour is still on.
No, unfortunately we can’t allow this because they become a safety issue to our customers and our insurance.
Throwing things off the bus, giving alcohol to people on the street, taking off clothes, becoming a safety concern or not following staff instructions. Our staff has our full permission to have you removed from the bus for not following their directions. This never happens as we want you to have a blast, don’t be one of the few!

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